Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Chive flower vinegar

An easy frugal gourmet treat to make for yourself or to give as a gift and seen on a few blogs lately. Lovely as a fat free dressing on salad leaves.  Here's my version.

Pick some chive flowers when they are fully open.  Check for wee beasties!

Give them a wash in some clean water and gently pat dry or spin in a salad spinner

Now add the flowers to a jar of white vinegar.  Just plain distilled vinegar will do but you could use white wine vinegar if want to be even fancier.  My jar is half filled but I'm going to pick more today and add them.

Leave in a cool cupboard for a few weeks to let the flavour develop.  It will turn purple!!

Strain and bottle.

I checked mine this morning and it's already a lovely pale lilac colour :-)

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  1. Juts been given a huge pile of chives he accidentally cut with the billhook, in one of my raised beds. Sigh. However, there are flowers, will get around to doing this, been meaning to for ages. Wonder if the flowers would dye wool? Hm........... another project lol


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