Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cranberry Gin

I found a bag of cranberries at the bottom of my freezer and wondered what to do with them.  I've made strawberry gin and raspberry vodka in the past, so figured I'd have a go with the cranberries.  It can be drunk straight like sloe gin or a measure can be added to a glass of fizz to make a champagne cocktail.
Cranberry Gin

Put cranberries in a clean 1 litre jar (they filled it halfway)
Add enough sugar to fill in the gaps and cover by about 1 cm.
Pour in about 1 litre of gin and seal the jar.
Give it a good shake.

The above photo is the next day when the colour starts to leave the fruit and the sugar starts to dissolve

Day 2 shows there is still some sugar at the bottom of the jar but the colour is a lovely red now.  Give it a shake.

By day 3 the sugar is dissolved

Put the jar in a cupboard for a few weeks to let the cranberry flavour and colour develop.  It can be left for a while if you forget.  Then all you have to do is strain the mixture through some muslin into a clean bottle and enjoy!


  1. Sarah Louise Grigor4 March 2012 at 19:34

    I like anything that involves gin!!!


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