Thursday, 4 July 2013

Elderflower Cordial

A lovely summery drink that is easy to make and much cheaper than the posh shop bought stuff.  There are loads of recipes around but this is my tried and trusted version.

Pick the elderflowers on a dry day and gently shake them to get rid of any wee beasties.  Don 't wash them!!

You need:

20 elderflower heads
6 pints of water
3lbs sugar
4 unwaxed lemons (or just 3 if they're really big)
75g citric acid (available at pharmacy)

Slice your lemons

Add water and sugar to a large pan and gently bring the boil stirring to dissolve the sugar.
When it's boiling remove from the heat and add flowers, lemon and citric acid.
Sir well and leave for 24 for the flavours to develop.

Strain the juice to remove all the flowers and lemons.  I use a jelly bag but a sieve lined with muslin or a clean hankie will work.  Make sure everything is scrupulously clean.  I tend to sterilise everything with baby sterilising fluid but not everyone does this.

Decant into clean/sterilised bottles
Adding citric acid means it will keep for months in a cupboard.  If it's going to be used quickly then it's ok to miss it out but keep it in the fridge.  And if everything sterilised it will also keep longer.

Serve diluted with water (still or sparkling), soda water or even tonic water.

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